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Friday, March 30, 2012

Bring Back the Positive

I recently texted a friend my opinion of the morning's news that floated across the ether and onto my homepage as I sipped my morning coffee. The general opinion being that the morning, afternoon, evening, and in fact all news has become an over sensationalized train wreck of reporting by journalists who seek out not the truth, not the heart, but the tragic. Like all good storytelling it has become a realm where drama is king. Unlike storytelling, however, the story with the most shock value, the most drama, that will garnish the most outrage is the golden chalice that is sought. It isn't about truth, honesty, or real event reporting; now it has become all about telling the story for maximum punch. We'll retract later if we have to.

Over the relatively short period of time I have taken up space on this planet, I have watched people. Common sense left shortly after common courtesy took a long walk off a short peer. Personal responsibility has become a forgotten relic of a time before the "me generation" took a stronghold on the societies of the world. What else is the media supposed to do? They have to call it as they see it, right?

But where are the good stories? Where are the news reports about triumphs? Have we lost the ability to care about the wonderful things that happen in our daily lives; forced to focus on the tragic?

Look at your own situation. How many times do you find yourself giving attention to the tragic things that happen and glossing over the successes, the triumphs, and the just plain happy moments. The good moments should be celebrated over the bad. Yet we don't. Consistently. Don't think that the media has anything to do with this. Really?

Let's experiment. Refuse to give time and energy to the tragic and start celebrating the good. If you can't find the good stories in media land, then tell them yourself. Share them here. Post a link to the story, your blog, or simply post it here in the comments. Then look at your own life, and see if the good news doesn't start to happen at home as well. Your daughter got a 'B' on the test at school. She hit a home run in softball practice. Your son helped pick up the books that tumbled from a neighboring students locker. Let me know what surfaces.

The tragedies of this world will never end. And in order to make change we have to be aware of them as they happen. But change will not happen if we continually focus on the tragic over the good. There must be a balance between the two in order for us to make a difference.

My challenge to you is simple. Start today, start small, and share something positive with your peers.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Denise Jaden: MARCH MADNESS IS HERE!!! #wipmadness

Denise Jaden: MARCH MADNESS IS HERE!!! #wipmadness: If you’ve been looking for a challenge to get your writing in gear, you’ve come to the right place! Through the month of March we will be cheering each other on to meet challenging goals with our writing

Thank's again Denise for providing a space for us to all work together during the month of March. 

My goals are:

1) Revise WIP, write intro, and finally graduate from the MFA program I have been working on since 2004 (family really seems to make grad school take longer.)

2) Set a schedule for balancing writing for fun and writing for work.

3) Read more books - 1 per week, minimum.

Good luck to all the Wipsters at March Madness, and come and join us on a fun, exciting and productive month.

 Click here to join the fun!