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Monday, March 14, 2011

My Biggest Distraction=My Thoughts!

Now that the morning coffee is beginning to sink in, I find my self pondering… well, just pondering. I’ve been thinking, admittedly too much, about motivations, distractions, mental road blocks, and life in general. With everything going on out there in the real world, it is hard not to take it all in and internalize the significance of it all, at least for me. (I hope I am not alone)

Lately, I’ve been internalizing the global tumultuous forces, both human and those exhibited by forces of nature. I have to admit, that I whine, I complain and I outright throw tantrums at times over circumstances in my life that in reality I suspect that I really have no business fretting about in the first place. After all, how many people are there that would gladly take my place; that would love to have my problems. In reality, I have it pretty good; I’m sitting here writing this in my easy chair, on my laptop, connected to the world via my wireless internet system. I have a roof over my head, a roof that we own (or are actively pursuing ownership of). I have a family who loves and supports me. I have friends who have helped me create a network of support. Yet, I have the audacity to complain, and sometimes, to feel sorry for myself.

Then after all of this pondering I remember that we are all individuals, we are all unique, and just as we can be motivated by the success of others, we can also be motivated by our individuality. We all have different circumstances, and we cannot individually solve all the world’s ills. Collectively, it’s certainly worth the effort, we can each do our part. We can offer support, offer aide and do the best that we can with what we are given. Being sensitive to the needs of others, we can help make this world a better place - one person/circumstance at a time.

My heart goes out to everyone in Japan affected by the recent forces of nature and subsequent breakdown of man-made resources. I feel for the people of Libya, and Egypt. I pray for those involved in military strategies. (Read Mark Twain’s [a little background info] War Prayer.) However, I have to move on; it is what must be done. I am not an activist, I am not sure I could/or should be; there are other people better suited for the role, but I will do my part. I will do whatever I can to help out when help is needed. I am not a superhero, although there are times that I try.

So, I think, I ponder. While the act of thinking may be dangerous, we all do it, and must be allowed to do so. With that being said, I now find myself wandering. I must put aside my musings, and return to the work at hand; I must set down my distractions and press on toward my personal goals. It’s what we all do, it’s how we survive.

For fear of endorsing something I would not otherwise endorse, I leave you with this: If, having read my post, you feel motivated to do something, to make a donation; then by all means seek out the appropriate avenue to do so. If, you feel like commenting, please share your thoughts.

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  1. Thinking is, most certainly, dangerous. :) At least I find I get lost there often.

    I came from March Madness to say howdy. I feel your snowy pain. We are still cold, wet and yet today it was sunny. My kids went outside and informed me, "We need to go to the beach!" Yeah right.