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Friday, June 24, 2011

So It's Finally Friday!

I made it through the week! OK that in and of itself is a relatively small accomplishment. However, I feel like celebrating, so I am; sort of. I'm working while watching TV that I have had recorded for months (this also serves the alternative purpose of making room on the DVR for additional recordings that I will wait months to watch), drinking a favored diet beverage of old, despite the unwelcome side effects that my body produces as a result of this consumption and taking a moment to publish a new post. In this case, I'm willing to endure the pain and suffering of the soda. ;)

So, how about you, you also made it through the week, what are you doing to reward yourself?

Now I must get back to work. Have a fantastic weekend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking Action - Day 2

Ok, so maybe it is more like day one as yesterday was more preparation than action, but you get the idea. So far, today has been relatively productive. There are still plenty of items on my to-do list, but I feel motivated to hack away at them. I hope it's not just the coffee...

Have you ever found yourself wondering about your motivations? Lately, I've been pondering the notion of how my desire and often need to get certain projects started and then completed never quite seems to match up with the time I have available to get them done. I started taking a look at my activities and I have found that if I really want to get ahead of the game, then I need to be more diligent about my hourly activities. After all, I only have 24 of them to spend each day.

A friend I have only met virtually, @viviborne (Vivi's Blog) suggested taking life in two-hour blocks of time. I have found that it really does make a difference. Focusing on two hours versus 24 gives you a better perspective on what needs to be done in a more manageable chunks of activity. I have found that my tendency to focus on the big picture has left me overwhelmed and unmotivated. The big picture presented itself as a looming impossibility rather than something within my sphere of control. So I adopted Vivi's time management technique and started working on getting more accomplished in the 24 hours I have to spend. At least in theory.

The actual implementation of this practice has proven difficult. I found my family didn't really want to adhere to a time schedule, especially during the summer, and children under the age of 5 are neither predictable nor able to be placed into a rigid schedule. So, I have needed to be flexible, largely keeping my hidden time management to myself sneaking it in here and there as best I could.

The long and short of it is, as per my post yesterday, I have spent a majority of the hours waiting for my life to settle down, waiting for my children to allow me the time to work, waiting for the right moment to begin without ever actually beginning. That ceased being the case yesterday.

I have to say that I haven't been rigid in my scheduling today, but I have at least been working, I mean really working to the best of my abilities. It is in reality all I can do. Recognizing this fact, I have gained a greater sense of sanity. I can be a hard taskmaster and I am often toughest on myself. I've decided to give myself a break, to cut me some slack and like in the rest of the working world, this boost of morale has resulted in greater productivity.

So, my challenge to you is this: How do you spend your time? What do you want out of life? Do you have a plan to make your desires and dreams a reality? Maybe it's time to start...

Monday, June 20, 2011

To Pass the Time Away

Ok, so it has been far too long since I have published a post. However, in my defense, I'd like to say, I've been busy. I know, I hear you. You've been busy too. I didn't say it was a good defense. So, you might ask, with what have you been busy? Well there is a lot to that answer, but to summarize...

My Busy List

1) Children.
2) Writing
3) Working
4) Cleaning
5) Thinking
6) Visiting
7) Errands. The never-ending-frustrating-to-a-point-past-exhaustion errands!
8) Listening
9) Creating
10) Cooking
11) Thinking. (It takes a lot of time to think about the things that I think about, trust me, I know.)
12) Revising
13) Reading
14) Watching
15) Planting
16) Driving to nowhere in particular.
17) Seeing
18) Washing
19) Watering
20) Waiting

That last one has perhaps consumed the largest quantity of time. Waiting. We spend so much of our lives waiting for something to happen. Wishing that it would happen faster. Hoping that it will happen. Pleading for it to happen in our way in our time - exactly how and when we want it to happen.

I have decided that today is the day that I stop waiting and start doing. The time has come for action. So I'm finding my bootstraps, giving them a good tug and marching onward!