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Monday, February 28, 2011

Starting a Conversation

It is always difficult to start a new relationship. There are always intentions, aspirations and expectations that get in the way. I have found that the best way to begin any relationship is with a clean slate. That is easier said than done, I know, but I want this start off fresh.

That being said, I'll begin by telling you a little about myself. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone else and what they didn't know they assumed. I went to college and completed a BA in Speech Communication. I like to write, I like to read, and I love getting to know new people. So that brings me to my intentions with this blog. My intent is that we (the greater we) will actually have a conversation.

I believe that a lot of what is wrong with the world today begins with the fact that as a global society we just don't talk any more. We have adhered to technology and feel like we are communicating, but we miss the fact that we are in fact not saying anything at all. Therefore, I think that it is about time that we put that technology to use and we START talking. START communicating. It is my expectation that if we start here, we can spill the conversation over into our real lives and we will resume a conversation with our loved ones that involves sitting down together, picking up the phone to TALK not to text, email, send a picture a comment or whatever else it is we do on the devices we call phones, send an actual letter... you get the idea.

I know this is short, but beginnings often are. I'll start. Hello, how are you? Who are you? Let's get to know one another. Is there something on your mind that you would like to share? Spill it. Share it. Let's talk about it. I won't judge and I don't bite, and I won't let any one else do so either.


  1. Gotta love check boxes. I believe I have the problem solved. My apologies if you tried to post a comment and were blocked. I have fixed this error. Please try again. I won't let it happen again, I promise.

  2. Hi Jenn B, it's Jenn B! :) I think this is great. I love having interesting conversations with people on Twitter and through blogs. The thing that's on my mind lately has to do with unions and whether they are still needed. I have a limited understanding of them. It seems to me that when they were invented, there were no laws to help protect workers, so the unions did that. Now it seems that unions tend to impede work. Would be interesting to hear both sides.

  3. I certainly understand why unions have been on your mind as of late. I too have a limited understanding of how they work, or if they are as effective as they once were. I think that they are a valuable asset to employees, I am just not sure where the lines should be drawn. Here is an interesting article from Dan La Botlz.

    At the very least he sheds some light on the issues at stake.

  4. Yeah, I guess it's because I don't have the option of belonging to a union that I don't understand why they still exist. I feel like all of them should be dissolved and the existing benefits that the workers now hold (wages, insurance, vacation, etc.) should be kept intact, and treated as any other job going forward.

  5. I think that this speaks to the benefits of communication. Labor Unions are supposed to assure that the needs of the workers are being met in conjunction with assuring that the work will get done. I agree that in a perfect world there wouldn't be a need for labor unions, unfortunately honest communication between worker and boss is not a reality at the moment; however, it is not an unattainable goal. Until a day exists when the individual worker can feel comfortable approaching the boss and and they are assured that their needs met there has to be someone in the middle working for both sides to assure that common goals are reached. I am not sure that this is truly being accomplished, but I do feel that it is necessary. Maybe we can get a few people in the know to join the conversation and shed some light on the situation.